Character Counts

McKinley Elementary Students of Character 2019-2020

The following students have been selected by their teachers for exhibiting excellent character. This means they always do what is asked of them, they treat students and staff members with respect, and are good role models. 

Students of Character for September: 

Kinder - Alexciena V., Kane S., Esteban A.

1st - Valmir B., Calleigh R., Michael Y.

2nd - Judah W., Rina W., Gabbie E., Makayla B.

3rd - Leela G., Kinsley W., Kelsie A.

4th - Willow P., Aliyah M., Gabbie P., McKinley S. 


Students of Character for October: 

Kinder - Ravi W., Claire M., Grace W.

1st - Carleigh S., Jayce R., Maddison J.

2nd - Sophia G., Guillermo M., Hunter B., Rion R.

3rd - Cameron T., Brennen H., Carter N.

4th - Carter F., Michael B., Trevin T., Peyton Z. 

Students of Character for November: 

Kinder - Addyson C., Preston V., Hunter C.

1st - Charlotte W., Cheyenne W., Stark C.

2nd - Reese G., Mia S., Jackson M., Carter J.

3rd - Taylan L., Sophie T., Chloe F.

4th - Zoey A., Emma T., Nevaeh S., Brady M. 

Students of Character for December: 

Kinder - Ryker D., Brooke B., Aiden W.

1st - Cameron T., Noah M., Quinn T.

2nd - Maddi B., Charlotte A., Lillian N., Amelia R.

3rd - Ocean F., Ethan S., John P.

4th - Aries B., Cayden L., Brody O., Ryan J. M. 



Students of Character for January: 

Kinder - Hadlee T., Karter F., Jeremy B., Luke B.

1st - Nolan R., Clayton S., Emma B.

2nd - Maddi V., Cameron L., Raelyn M.

3rd - Lucas O., Jaimee W., Venecia F.

4th - Savannah E., Addisyn B., Sienna J., Piper M. 

Students of Character for February:

Kinder - Beckham S., Dylan S., Mitchel K.

1st - Emma W., Sophia S., Brooklyn C.

2nd - Romeo H., Miari M., Noan B.

3rd - Julia C., Luca F-J., William S., Efrain R.

4th - Miguel S., Adrian S., Connor G. 


Students of Character for March: 

Kinder -Moira G., Isaac D., Jayde P., Johnny G.

1st - Anthony K., Aleena B., Brielle A.

2nd - Kennedee N., Abby C., Madyson G.

3rd - Bryce L., Lily D. S. - Addy S.

4th - Mickoy R., Zelda D., Wrigley L., Lupe C. 

Students of Character for April: 
Kinder - Oliver R., Edythe B., Tyler G.
1st - Skyelar B., Imogenn H., Joel R.
2nd - Ella W., Ashlyn O., Owen R.
3rd -  Drew M., Micah S., Hazen M.
4th - Caroline S., Rory M., Jayden P., Ryan W. 
Students of Character for May:
Kinder - Griffin L., Addison D., Reagan S.
1st - Asher H., Mari S., Layla D.S.
2nd - Logan S., Michael B., Hannah M.
3rd - Ella T., Megan K., Chloe T.
4th - Max M., Taylor D., Libee H., Gabe L.