Shepherd Community Gives Back Programs (updated 5/18/2019)





    Shepherd School Gives Back Programs -- Thank You

    Kroger’s Rewards

    Thank you to everyone who was able to enroll in the Kroger Rewards program; currently, we have 220 supporters. Through your support this school year, we have been able to give to our students and staff in various ways. Please help spread the word to family and friends to enroll their Kroger card to our school. During this school year Kroger money was used to:

    • Classroom Supplies -- purchased classroom support materials for Mrs. Jobst, Mrs. Lindig, Mrs. Sinetos, Mrs. Zoelzer, Mrs. Stevenson, Mrs. Brown, Mr. Gebben, Mr. Gould, Mrs. Lawsha, Mrs. Gaughan, and Mrs. Darby

    • Giving Back to Students -- currently have given back over $1500 to our students with various gift cards from local establsihments for being Students of Character, winning the monthly Student congratulations card drawing, and other selected students for different accomplishments

    • Student Incentives -- provided ice cream sundae reward parties

    • Holiday Jingle Contest -- awarded prizes to over 50 students including 25 gift cards at $5 each

    • End-of-the-year student accomplishments -- given over $500 in gift cards.

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Handy Foods

Please continue to turn in your Handy Foods receipts; your generosity has allowed us to give selected families Handy Foods gift cards. To date, we were able to provide $250.00 in gift cards for their holiday needs.