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Did You Know?
If your family qualifies for free and reduced school lunch, you're eligible 
for service at the Community Food Basket of Ottawa.
Each month you can get a cart filled with non-perishables, produce,
meat and bread, along with vouchers for 2 gallons of milk.
In the summer (June-August) while the kids
are home from school, families can also pick up
a "Second Helping" each month.  
When:  Tuesdays  9-11 a.m.           Where:  519 W. Madison St.
            Thursdays  3-6:30 p.m. 
How:  To sign up bring an ID and a piece of mail with your current address.
Who: Anyone living in the zip codes: 61350, 61325, 61341, 60549, 60551who meets income guidelines based on family size.
Questions?  Call 815-431-0155 or visit 

Lunch Information

Milk Purchases

As a reminder, students must have money on their lunch account to be able to purchase a milk. 
If there is not enough money on their account, they will not be allowed to purchase a milk. 
The cost of a milk is $0.40 

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