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Preschool (Coordinator)- Ms. Emily

Welcome to Preschool!!

Welcome to Early Childhood Preschool Program. My name is Emily Norris and I am one of the Parent Coordinator and work with families enrolled in our program. Children that are 3-5 years old and that live in the Ottawa Elementary school district are able to enroll in our preschool program. You must attend a preschool screening and meet at-risk criteria through our office or the L.E.A.S.E office. We hold screenings every month. Please contact the Main office to set up a screening at 815-313-3203.


Program description: The program here at Lincoln is a Preschool for All program. We meet Monday-Friday, either morning or afternoon session. The morning session meets from 8:45-11:15 am and the afternoon session meets 12:15-2:45 pm. We have one section of developmental preschool and 9 sections of blended classrooms. We also have one section of the Full Day preschool. To qualify for this program, you will need to complete an application by contacting the Preschool office at 815-313-3299. The classrooms have one teacher (type 04 certificate) and one teaching assistant. We offer bussing within the O.E.S. area and collaborate with the area's Head start programs and daycare centers. 

If you have any questions about our program please contact the preschool office at 815-313-3299. You can also contact me by email at [email protected]. 


 Preschool Supply List

    - 1 normal-sized Backpack - NO WHEELS PLEASE
Your child will need to bring this bag to school everyday. Please be sure the bag is large enough to easily hold the folder and carry projects that come home. No small book bags please.  Please select one with a zipper, no snaps please. Please put child’s name on the outside of the book bag.
    - 1 complete change of clothing (seasonal)
    This should include underwear, one pair of pants, one pair of shorts, a top, and a pair of socks. All of these items should be labeled with your child’s name.  Please send both a pair of shorts and a pair of pants so we have clothing for all types of weather.  Also, we go outside at all times of the school year, so clothing must be appropriate for the weather.
    - 1 plastic folder with pockets and prongs (5 Star brand. These are often found at Wal-mart and Target).

    - 1 box of Kleenex
    - 1 roll of paper towels
    - 1 container of ziploc baggies
        Snack size (girls) &  Gallon (boys) size
    - containers of wipes (1 baby wipes)
    - Play doh
If your child is in the process of potty training, please send…
* A small supply of disposable diapers or pull-ups (5 or 6)
* 1 full size package of baby wipes



Education and Credential

B.S. Psychology and Child development December 1999

State Credentialed Developmental Therapist and Evaluator since 2000

Years in the school district: August 2005 - present 


Contact information:

[email protected]