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Preschool (Coordinator)- Ms. Kirsten

Welcome to the Lincoln Preschool Program! 
My name is Kirsten Williams and I am one of the Preschool Parent Coordinators. I work with the families that are enrolled in our Full Day Preschool program with Mrs. Anderson. The Full Day Classroom currently begins at 8:20 and dismissal is at 2:50 (Tuesdays at 2:20).  We follow the K-4 schedule, and also have a few preschool dates that we accomodate for.  The students enrolled in FD Preschool recieve 3 meals - a Breakfast type snack, Lunch, and an Afternoon snack.  This class also has a rest time.  Students are not required to sleep, but must lay on their cots quietly, or do a quiet activity. Bussing is offered, or parents may transport. This classroom has a Teacher (Mrs. A) and a Paraprofessional (Miss Silvia) for 14 students.  A screening is required, as well as a Full Day application. 

Screenings and Enrollment

Children that are 3-5 years old and that live in the Ottawa Elementary school district are able to enroll in our preschool program. You must attend a preschool screening and meet at-risk criteria through our office or the L.E.A.S.E office. We hold screenings every month. Please contact Jenny at the Main office to set up a screening at 815-313-3926.

Our program runs 5 days a week, and we have Morning and Afternoon Sessions for 2 1/2 hours. Our Preschool works with daycares for bussing needs.  We also transition students from Early Intervention into the preschool program, continuing with any services needed.  We have 9 sections of half day preschool, 1 section of developmental preschool, and 1 section of full day preschool.
If you are interested in applying for the Full Day Preschool Program, there is a separate application process for this classroom.
Things you should know before applying:  
  • Your Child must be 4 years old*
  • Your child must attend a screening 
  • There is a phone or face to face interview required to see if you meet the eligibility criteria, which includes Income Verification and other guidelines.

*Most students in class are 4 years old - we will take three year olds on a case by case basis. 

Important Dates

May 27 - Report Cards go Home

May 31 / June 1st - Prek classes go to Tones Cones

June 2nd - Preschool Family Friday - No bussing 

June 3rd - No Preschool Classes - Have a great Summer! 

School Supply List 2021-22

  • 1 Normal Size Backpack - No Wheels Please! Child's Name should be on the Outside of their Backpack
  • 1 Complete Change of Clothing - All items should be labeled with your child's name.  This should include socks, underwear, shorts/pants, and a shirt.  Please be mindful of weather conditions. 
  • 1 Plastic Folder with pockets and prongs


  • 1 Box of Kleenex
  • 1 Roll of Paper towels
  • GIRLS - 1 Container of Sandwich or Snack size Ziplock Bags (Please select ones with zipper only)
  • BOYS - 1 Container of Gallon size Ziplock Bags (Please select ones with zipper only)
  • 2 Containers of Baby wipes 
  • Play-doh
  • White Copy Paper

If your child is Potty Training:

  • Small supply of disposable diapers or pull-ups
  • 1 full size package of baby wipes 


  • 1 mochila de tamaño normal. SIN RUEDAS POR FAVOR 

Su hijo(a) deberá de traer su mochila a la escuela todos los días. Asegurarse de que esté lo suficientemente grande para llevar la carpeta y los proyectos a casa. No mochilas pequeñas por favor. También asegúrese de que su hijo(a) pueda cargar y abrir esta mochila fácilmente. Los cierres parecen funcionar mejor. Por favor ponga el nombre del niño(a) en el exterior de la mochila.

  • 1 Un cambio de ropa completo (apropiada a la temporada)

Esto debe de incluir ropa interior, un par de pantalones, un par de shorts, una blusa o camisa y un par de calcetines. Todos estos artículos deben de estar marcados con el nombre de su hijo(a). Por favor envíe un pantalón y un shorts para tener disponible para todo tipo de clima. También salimos afuera en todo momento del año escolar, por lo que la ropa debe ser apropiada para todo tipo de clima.

  • 1 Carpeta de plástico con bolsillos y clips (marca 5 Star, esto normalmente se encuentran en Walmart y Target).


  • 1 Caja de Kleenex 

  • 1 Rollo de toallas de papel

  • 1 Caja de bolsas Ziploc (Por favor seleccione las que tienen solo cierre) 

Tamaño de sándwich- Niños             Tamaño de galón- Niñas

  • 2 Cajas de toallitas húmedas (de bebe) 

  • Plastilina (play-doh)

  • 1 paquete de papel para copias 

Si su hijo(a) está en el proceso de entrenamiento para ir al baño, por favor envíe…

*Una pequeña cantidad de pañales desechables o pull-ups (5 o 6) y 1 *Paquete de toallitas húmedas




BS/Illinois State University - Early Childhood Education
04 Certification 
Cert. for Pre-K Special Education
Preschool (3-5) Teacher - 2013-2015 
Years in District: 2018-Present 

Contact Information

Extension - 815-433-1133  X3015
Direct Line (Preschool Office) - 815-313-3299 
Google Voice Phone Number/Text - 815-200-6998