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Mr. Grommon - STEM


Hello, McKinley Elementary Students/Parents. My name is Mr. Grommon and I am excited for a fun filled, and engaging school year! I am very excited to be a part of the McKinley Elementary Family. If there are any questions that you may have about our Math Curriculum or ways to support yourself/ your student, please feel free to reach me through email at [email protected]

I am an Illinois State University Alumni of 2019 with a major in Elementary Education
I am a CHRONIC HELPER. If you have a question pertaining to Math, I would love to dedicate any time I may have towards helping anyone who asks.

MATH WAS NOT MY STRONGEST SUBJECT IN SCHOOL.  I was one of those students who thought math just "comes to people naturally"; I was very wrong to think that way about myself and others who struggle in math. The more I went through school I found a love for math because of all the supportive teachers that I had through my years of school. That is one of the BIGGEST reasons I sought out towards becoming a math teacher. All because of those teachers, I have wanted to dedicate my life to becoming that great of a helper whenever I can. I later would come to love math after applying what I learned in school to problems that we face within our every day lives.

Like many things in life, MATH TAKES TIME AND PRACTICE.

Math can be difficult, and some times methods change with finding answers. I like to promote a lifelong learning environment with the students I work with, and like to have them promote that mindset to others as well!

I look forward to having a fantastic year with every one of you!