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Voice Recognition

Mr. Hansen

Music Class

Classroom Information

Throughout the year the 5th and 6th grade music students will be given opportunities to learn about, interact with, and practice a variety of musical concepts, techniques, and instruments. The music students will very rarely, if at all, have classwork that needs to be completed outside of their weekly class, but I hope they will learn concepts throughout the year that will be exciting enough to want to share at home.

Grading Rubric for "Daily Points"
Students have the opportunity to earn up to 3 daily points each time they come to music class:
This grade is not counted in the grade book for students that are absent from class or school
       - 1 point is awarded for attendance in class
       - 1 point is awarded for completing any written or verbal activity taking place each day
       - 1 point is awarded for participating in class without being redirected more than 2 times or removed from an activity


Week 6: 5th grade students are beginning to integrate the rhythms they have been practicing into their own beat boxing compositions. 6th grade students are working on listening to small pieces of many genres to begin brainstorming possible descriptions of each.
Week 5: 5th grade students are continuing their practice with rhythm through practice with comparing how quarter, 2 eighth, and tripolet rhythms all fit into one beat. Grade 6 music students are beginning to discover different genres starting with the evolving use of string instruments over many years. 
Week 4: 5th grade students will be using their rhythm knowledge and experience from discovering different parts of the bucket drum in order to create a beat boxing composition. The 6th grade students will use their rhythm knowledge and bucket drumming practice to explore ways to use rhythms in electronic music. 
Week 3: Using their rhythm 'cheat sheets' from the previous class students will begin to perform rhythms on bucket drums.
Week 2: The music students have been identifying rhythms that they have seen before as well as using a counting system in order to perform common rhythm exercises. 
Week 1: It was the student's first week back to music. Each student filled out a notecard about themselves and their musical interests. Then we very briefly worked with rhythms through echo clapping.

Band Updates and Info

Rehearsal Schedule






Beginning Band

Woodwind Only

All Cyclone Band

Beginning Band

Brass & Percussion

All Cyclone Band

All Beginning Band

Bus Stop Schedules (For morning band)

Bus One

6:54        GRAFTON & PEARL

6:55        YORK & CONGRESS

7:00        JEFFERSON SCHOOL  (on Deleon)

7:04        GUION & SUPERIOR

7:05        MARQUETTE HIGH SCHOOL  (on Washington St)

7:08        MARQUETTE ACADEMY  (on Washington St)

7:13        GLOVER & CATHERINE

Bus Two

7:00       OTTAWA & 18th  (By Vittone Park)

7:05       LINCOLN SCHOOL  (on Madison St)

7:10       GLOVER & ADAMS

7:15       KNOTTINGHAM & 4H Rd


    STATE STREET in front of McKinley School

Lesson Schedules

North Central College
Bachelor of Arts - 2021
K-12 Music Education

Years Teaching: 1

10/20/2021 Beginning Band Concert (7 PM)
                   - Central Gym

11/17/2021 Cyclone & Shepherd Concert (7 PM)
                   - Central Cafetorium