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STEM (K-4)- Mrs. Brown

The STEM Classroom

Science          Technology          Engineering          Math

1. Be Respectful
2. Be Kind
3. Be Curious
4. Be Positive

STEM Learning

We are exploring a unit titled Design a Habitat. In this unit we are going to learn about what animals need to survive.  We are also going to learn about the different types of habitats animals live in around the world.

1st Grade
We are exploring a unit titled Mirror, Mirror.  In this unit we are going to learn about reflections, and how mirrors work.  Students will explore light and mirrors to discover why light is so important to reflections.

2nd Grade
We are exploring a unit titled Crayons.  In this unit students will be taught the process taken to create crayons.  They will also learn about nonreversible and reversible changes in matter.

3rd Grade
We are exploring a unit titled Better Together.  In this unit students will learn about animals that live in groups.  They will also learn how we use technology to track animals and watch their behaviors to get to know animal communication methods and characteristics.  The animal this unit focuses on is the elephant.

4th Grade
We are exploring a unit titled The Wind Blew.  In this unit students learn about the wind.  We learn that the wind is made of air, and that air has weight.  We also learn ways to use wind to complete different challenges.  Students will complete a wind lab experience in which they use air pumps to manipulate boats in water.


In the event of an e-learning day please click the link below to go to the STEM choice menus.


Mrs. Morgan Brown
Lincoln Elementary 

Educational Background

Teaching since 2013

Bachelor's Degree '13
North Central College
Elementary Education

Master's Degree '18
Differentiated Instruction
Concordia University

Meet the Teacher

Years Teaching: 9th year
Grades Taught: 2,4,7,STEM
Family: Jeremy, Everett, Baby Boy
Favorite Food: Fruit
Favorite Books: Harry Potter
Favorite Music: Country
Favorite Movie: The Blind Side