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STEM (K-4)- Mrs. Brown

The STEM Classroom


Science          Technology          Engineering          Math

"It's just a matter of learning the right skills and following your dreams." 
- Sandeep Yayathi, NASA Robotics Engineer

If what you are doing: 
Interferes with learning,
Hurts someone's heart, or
Prevents you from being your best self
You shouldn't be doing it.

STEM Learning

We are exploring a unit titled The Handiest Things. In this unit we are going to learn about tools and how they are helpful to us.  We discuss the parts and purposes of those tools.  We also learn about what classifies objects as technologies.  Students learn that a technology is anything created by humans, and that they are created to solve a problem.

1st Grade
We are exploring a unit titled Robots Everywhere.  In this unit we learn about what robots are and what they need in order to work.  Students get to design their own robots to solve a problem they have.

2nd Grade
We are exploring a unit titled Crayons.  In this unit we will learn all about crayons: how they are made, what they are made of, how we can change them.

3rd Grade
We are exploring a unit titled Hurricane.  In this unit students research Hurricane Katrina and learn about levees.  They also get the chance to build their own levee and see if it is successful.

4th Grade
We are exploring a unit titled The Grand Canyon in which we learn about how the Grand Canyon is formed and how it continues to change.  We learn about weathering and erosion and how those two things play a part in changing the Grand Canyon over time.


In the event of an e-learning day please click the link below to go to the STEM choice menus.


Mrs. Morgan Brown
Lincoln Elementary 

Educational Background

Teaching since 2013

Bachelor's Degree '13
North Central College
Elementary Education

Master's Degree '18
Differentiated Instruction
Concordia University

Meet the Teacher

Years Teaching: 10th year
Grades Taught: 2,4,7,STEM
Family: Jeremy, Everett, Asher
Favorite Food: Anything Snacky
Favorite Books: Harry Potter
Favorite Movie: The Blind Side