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If you currently have a student at OES, please follow these instructions to register your student(s). 

  1. Log in to TeacherEase
  2. Go to Miscellaneous 
  3. Select "Online Registration
    1. If you need to register a new student in the district, choose "Register a New Student to the District"
    2. Please note any new to the district students will need to be approved by a staff member. You will receive an email once your request was approved or denied.
  4. Select the student(s) you would like to register for the upcoming school year. 
  5. Fill out the required information

If this student is your first student at OES, please follow these instructions to register your student.
If your student is in grades kindergarten through fourth, please refer to the map attached to find out which elementary school correlates with the student's home address
  1. Click on this linkand fill out the necessary information.
    1. The email you provide will be how you log into TeacherEase
A staff member will approve or deny your registration request. You will receive an email at the email address associated with your TeacherEase account once your request was approved with the next steps. Please refer to the videos below for instructions.  

Finish Registration - Please note you cannot do this part until you receive an email from TeacherEase stating your registration has been approved.

Registration Paperwork

New and Kindergarten Students:

In addition to filling out the online registration, students need the following documents: 

  1. Copy of Certified Birth Certificate
  2. Yearly Health Information Sheet
  3. Proof of Residency
  4. US Department of Education Race and Ethnicity Standards
  5. Report Card Waiver 
  6. Home Language Survey
  7. Dental Form   
  8. Dental Form Spanish
  9. Certificate of Child Health Exam 
  10. Eye Exam
Please drop these forms off at the school your child is attending's office. Forms are also available at the school's office.

Returning Students:

In addition to filling out online registration returning students need the following documents. Copies are available in the school's office. 

  1. Residency Form - Can be uploaded to TeacherEase

  2. Yearly Health Information Sheet - Can be uploaded to TeacherEase

  3. Dental Exam Form*

  4. Physical **

*Students entering 2nd and 6th grade

**Students entering 6th grade

Residency Information

The links below can be used to help meet the residency verification requirements for registration. All OES families must fill out the form titled, "Residency Verification Form." This form must be submitted with the following information:
  1. One item from category A - AND
  2.  One item from category B or C
*Note that category documents must list your current address.  
(See category descriptions below) 
Category A Documents:
  • Most recent real estate tax bill
  • Most recent mortgage statement
  • Closing statement (from the purchase of residence within the last year)
  • Military housing letter
  • Current lease
  • Canceled security deposit check  
*If you cannot produce a document from "Category A" - please see the links listed below to meet this requirement. 

Category B Documents:
  • Gas or electric bill
  • Telephone or cable bill
  • Pay stub from employer
  • Public aid card
  • Voter registration card
  • Home/apartment insurance card or certificate
  • State of Illinois automobile registration card

Category C Documents:
  • Driver's license
  • State issued ID 
  • Government-issued photo ID

"Landlord Verification in Lieu of Lease"
  •  This form can be filled out by your landlord if you are unable to get a copy of your current lease. 
  • Click here for this form

"Student Living with in District Relative"

  • This form can be used in the event that a student's family is living with another family, who lives in district and does not have a lease in his/her name.
  • Click here for this form 

"Student Living with Someone (in district) other than Birth or Adoptive Parent"

  • This form can be used in the event that a student is in the custody of someone other than a birth or adoptive parent. 
  • Click here for this form