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Remote-Learning Attendance

Remote Learning Attendance Information

Daily attendance will be required for all fully remote learners. Students will only be marked present if a parent or student checks in on Teacherease by the designated time specified in the Remote Learning Plan.


Remote Learning Attendance Instructions

Click Here to Access Video Directions for Teacherease Attendance Check-In

  1. Open the TeacherEase website

    Unfortunately the app does not allow parents or students to check-in at this time, therefore the only way to check-in is to open up a web browser and go to 

  1. Log in to either your parent account OR your student’s account (student’s email address ending in If you are unsure of your parent login information, please contact the school office and they will assist you with logging in. (Students should have received a teacherease activation email in their school gmail account. Students will have to click on that activation link to set up their own teacherease account and password.)


    3.The first time you log in each day, an attendance check-in box will appear. If you are a parent with multiple children, there will be an option to check in for each one of those students. If you do not check in, you will be prompted again each time you visit the home page.  

    Attendance Check in Prompt:  

View for parents with multiple children. 

5. Once you have clicked “Check In,” a confirmation box will pop up. 

6. You can review your attendance under the “Academics” Tab at the top of the page. Click “Attendance” from the drop down menu after you click “Academics” and you will be able to see a record of attendance.