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Kindergarten- Mrs. Buscher


Reading--In kindergarten we will introduce and reinforce beginning reading skills. We will begin by discussing letters and the sounds they make. We will then move to tracking print and reading skills such as looking at the pictures for clues. We are in our fourth year of our new reading series. Success was evident with this reading series last year. We have 90 minutes of reading instruction daily. During this time, students are involved in shared reading (reading and discussing a big book with the teacher), guided reading groups (small groups with teacher directing), and centers (independent work). Each week, attached to the newsletter, will be a FAMILY TIMES pamphlet. This informs you of the upcoming week in reading. There are suggested activities for you to complete with your child. This is not mandatory, but is encouraged.

Math--Math will consist of counting to 100 with mastery of the numbers 1-30. We will do activities with patterning, shapes, colors etc. Number writing will be necessary in math. We will introduce beginning addition and subtraction. We will also introduce problem solving skills with story problems.

Writing--Writing letters as well as first and last names will be expected in kindergarten. Journal writing will be used periodically to assess learning. The journals will be written with developmental spellings or kid writing. Writing will be looked at in order to determine if the children have knowledge of letters and the sounds they make. 

Science/Social Studies--These will be incorporated through themes. Discussions about holidays, seasons and other themes will cover science and social studies. The students will be expected to have knowledge of the topic being discussed by the end of the theme. Our reading series includes stories with science and social studies themes. Therefore, we will cover science and social studies with these as well.

Mrs. Buscher


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