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Preschool (Speech/Language)- Ms. Ashlee

Hello and welcome to preschool speech and language therapy! My name is Miss Ashlee and this is my seventh year working for Lincoln Preschool. I attended Eastern Illinois University for my bachelor's and master's degrees, but I grew up right here in Ottawa! I am having a blast getting to work with the students, staff, and parents!
 Preschool is a very important time to develop speech and language skills. The 3-5 year old brain is like a sponge! We have opportunities to develop skills every day, whether it's during a trip to the grocery store, bath time, dinner time, etc. Take the time to ask your student questions about what they see, what they did today, etc. Talk about the steps to completing a task (e.g., making dinner, washing your hair, etc.) Have your student help with chores by having them bring you different items (e.g., "bring me the spoon", "let's find the vacuum" etc.). You are a great model for your student's speech development! Have them watch your mouth as you pronounce a word that may be tough for them. Ask them to practice saying a tough word again. 
 It's the final countdown!
Summer is upon us! I can't believe how quickly this year has gone by. I'm so proud of how hard the students have worked and have seen so much growth in the students! This month in speech we will be wrapping up many things we've worked on throughout the year! During speech small groups as well as in whole class groups we will be reading There Was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Cow, as well as discussing qualitative concepts, answering WH questions, and discussing what we will be doing over the summer! 
  • Vocabulary words to talk about and explore with your student include: cow, hay, pig, horse, sheep, rooster, barn, fiddle. 
  • We can talk to our students about describing different objects. (e.g., "look at this flower! It has a long stem, soft petals, and is bright yellow")
  • Ask various WH questions such as "Where do you like to go when it's warm outside? Why is that place special to you? What are some other things we can do once the weather warms up?" "What could we do if it is raining outside?" etc. 
  • Go on a walk with your student and try to find as many things that start with their speech sound (e.g., a student working on /s/ sounds could find seed, sun, sprout, sky, etc.) 
Please feel free to email or dojo me with any questions or concerns regarding your student. I will respond as quickly as possible! [email protected] 
 Mrs. Ashlee King, M.S. CCC-SLP/L 

Bachelor of Science from Eastern Illinois University in 2013

Master of Science from Eastern Illinois University in 2015


ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competency

IDFPR State Licensure in Speech-Language Pathology

ISBE Type 73 Non-Teaching Certificate

ISHA Member 


Years working for OES141: 7