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Mrs. Simpson

Classroom Information

My goal in physical education class is to keep the students active. We will play a large variety of games and perform skills and activities throughout the year to hopefully find something that each student enjoys.
The most important thing that your child needs to be successful in class is a clean pair of gym shoes. The shoes do not need to be new; just clean,
Effort, participation and cooperation are the most important parts of your child's grade. I ask that each student tries each activity to the best of his/her ability. That is so much more important than actual skill ability.
Teacher: Carla Simpson
Bachelor's Degree:     1985 Bachelor of Science in Physical Education
                                    Type 10 K-12 certification
                                    Illinois State University
Master's Degree:        1999 Master of Arts in Teaching
                                    Aurora University
Years: I began teaching physical education in 1988.
I was a teaching assistant for 1 1/2 years before teaching.
Contact information: