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Special Education- Ms. Gross

Hello, I am one of the Special Education Resource teachers here at Lincoln School.  Special Education Resource means the student is in their general education classroom most of the day.  The student spends some time each week in my room working on goals and objectives from their IEP. (Individualized Education Plan) We meet once a year to discuss the IEP and update/change goals to fit the child's needs at that particular time.  

Throughout the day, I have small groups of IEP kids in my room.  In these groups, we practice reading strategies to improve overall fluency and comprehension.  In the reading groups, I work on the objectives from their IEP as well as content from their general classroom.  I use various interventions and strategies depending on the grade level.  I also go into a couple classrooms during math for math each day.  I support the teacher as well as work individually with students that have math on their IEP. 
We also use Moby Max.  Moby Max finds and fixes learning gaps with the power of personalized learning.  Moby Max's adaptive curriculum creates an individualized academic plan for each student.   When the student first logs in, they take a placement test in math and reading.  This will help the program to know what skills need to be taught and what skills are unknown.  Then they are ready to practice those skills!  Here is a link to Moby Max:
I look forward to a wonderful school year!  

Contact Information

      Mrs. Elizabeth Gross


  • Bachelors in Special Education - Eastern Illinois University (2003)
  • Early Childhood Special Education Endorsement - EIU (2003)
  • Years in district: Janurary 2004 - present