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Voice Recognition

Music (K-2)- Mrs. Heth

Teacher Information

Contact Information:
Teaching since 1991
BA Millikin University, 1991
Schools Teaching in:
Lincoln, Jefferson, 
and Shepherd

Classroom News

Welcome back to another school year! I am so excited that the Specialists like Art, Music, PE and STEP get to see kids in person this year! A BIG different is that music now comes to the classrooms on a cart. Hopefully, we will get to use our music room soon, but for now this is the safest option! So far it has been going well and I am looking forward to a fun filled year of music!

What's Going On?

These 2 grades will be starting from scratch to assess what elements we need to brush up on after last year. Many kids did a super job with See Saw lessons so we will work to review those and catch other students up who were not able to attend. 
We will complete all music assignments and activities at school. If we decide to use a Google Music Classroom, I will help them sign on in class. These grades will also be taking time to review and catch up from what was missed last year. 

As of now, we are planning on doing our programs as scheduled, however their content and format will most likely need to be altered. We will need to adhere to the CDC guidelines for music and indoor performing groups. We will keep you updated on how all of that will pan out as it gets closer.