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Mrs. Lawsha-7 Cross Cat Special Ed

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Mrs. Jennifer Lawsha
MA +15
Northern Illinois University-B.S. in Ed, LBS1
Aurora University-M.A.E.L.
Teaching Since 2005 

Classroom Expectations:
1. Have all materials
2. Follow directions
3. Be respectful to everyone
4. Be a good listener
5. Be an active learner
6. Do your homework
Daily Materials Needed in all classes:
Independent Reading Book
Pens( Blue or Black)
Red Pen
Sticky Notes 
Colored Pencils

Grading Scale: 

90-100 A

80-89 B

70-79 C

60-69 D

59 and below

7th Grade Late Work Policy:

    Students are expected to bring their work completed on the day due. However, we do understand that sometimes life intercedes. As such, we will accept work one day late with no penalty. However, the student may be required to attend Intervention Prime Time and notification will be sent home. Work that is late must be turned in by first hour of the following day in order to qualify for full credit. On the second day, if the work is not complete, the student will receive a 10% penalty. On the third day, the student will receive a 20% penalty. After the third day, acceptance of the work is at the discretion of the teacher. Long term projects will receive an automatic 25% penalty, if accepted at all. 


Dear SMS Families,

Due to the heat and COVID-19 mask mandate, all students, including resource and self-contained,  will be dismissed at 12:10 pm starting Wednesday, August 19th through Wednesday, August 26th.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Shepherd office at 815.434.7925.

Gary Windy,