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Ms. Brauhn

Classroom Information

Ms. Brauhn, 5th Grade

* * * Daily Assignments are sent through the Remind App * * *


Central Intermediate has a school wide assignment policy. Classroom tests and assessments will have different guidelines as determined by the teacher. All assignments are expected to be turned in consistently and on time. All classroom assignments will fit into the following criteria:

Assignment Corrections

  • All assignments can be corrected up to 100%. Students will not be able to correct assessments/tests or projects.

  • It is at the teacher’s discretion for how long students will have to make corrections on a particular assignment. This may vary based on the type of assignment and work required.

  • Students may be requested to complete a variation of the assignment, so that it is an accurate depiction of the student’s understanding.

  • Incomplete/Missing Assignments may not be corrected.

Incomplete Assignments

  • If an assignment is not turned in 100% completed to the teacher’s expectations, it will be returned to the student and called “incomplete.”

  • A student will receive a one-time 10% deduction from the assignment grade for the assignment not being 100% complete when it was due.

Missing Assignments

  • An assignment that is not turned in on the date it is due will be considered “missing”.

  • If an assignment is “missing”, students must turn it in by the third day or it may result in a zero. The only exception to this rule is for students that have an excused absence.

  • A student will receive a one-time 10% deduction from the assignment grade. 

  • Students may not be allowed to correct “missing” assignments.

P.A.S.S. (Providing Academic Support Systems)

  • Tiered intervention/support system to help with assignment completion

  • All incomplete/missing assignments will be logged on the P.A.S.S. sheet, which each homeroom teacher will track.

  • Non-academic assignments/forms/parent signatures will not count as incomplete or missing assignments.

  • An incomplete/missing log sheet will be attached in each student’s planner. Parents, students, and teachers will be required to sign when an assignment is logged.

  • There is a reflection form that will be completed at each step.

  • Step 1: Student reflection after four incomplete/missing assignments.

  • Step 2: Teacher/student reflection after eight incomplete/missing assignments.

  • Step 3: Parent/teacher/student reflection during meeting after twelve incomplete/missing assignments.


A large part of the move to a 5th and 6th grade building is helping students to develop into a more independent learner. A key piece to this is being organized. Students are provided with a planner to use as a tool to assist with organization. Students are expected to use the planner to organize assignments as well as write reminders for necessities, upcoming school events, activities, or needs. Parents are encouraged to review the planner daily with students to help them be prepared for class. The planner is a great resource for communication between home and school. If a student loses their planner it is up to the family to replace the planner. Student planners can be replaced for $3.00.


Letter grades are assigned according to the following:

A = 90-100 B = 80-89 C = 70-79 D = 60-69 F = 0-59

Parents can view grades earned by their child by accessing the Teacher Ease parent portal. Questions regarding how to access the parent portal should be directed to the school office. Parents will need to provide a valid email address in order to access the parent portal. Questions regarding grades can be directed to the teacher issuing the grade.



New Wellness Policy Guidelines (Please see list of treats that are allowed)

Home baked treats, bakery treats, or treat bags containing food items will not be allowed in any building.  All birthday or special day treats must be commercially packaged and factory sealed with an intact nutrition label. Treats requiring freezing or refrigeration will not be allowed, unless approved by an administrator.  If there is an allergy in the classroom, an allowable treat list will be sent home by the classroom teacher. Schools have the right to refuse any birthday treats, special treats or snacks that do not meet school requirements.  Treat bags containing food items will be sent home.


Phone: (815) 433-3761 Voicemail Ext: 1024
Address:  711 E. McKinley Rd.
               Ottawa, IL  61350
Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction – January 2002
Olivet Nazarene University, Bourbonnais Illinois
Bachelor of Science – May 1997
Western Illinois University, Macomb Illinois
Major: Special Education, Type 10 Certification (LBS-I Limited)

 Elementary Education, Type 03 Certification (General Education K-9)

 Areas of Concentration: Learning Disabilities, Emotionally or Mentally Handicapped, and Social Sciences.

Middle Grades/Upper Elementary/Junior High Endorsements: Language Arts and Social Science

 Years of Experience: 26