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Voice Recognition

Mrs. Hilton

Educational Information

Teaching Since: 2006

Bachelor's Degree:

Northern Illinois University '05

Bachelor Of Science in Education

Dekalb, Illinois


Rules and Expectations

1. Respect everyone and everything.

2. Follow directions the first time they are given.

3. Come prepared to class.

4. Always think Safety.

5. Show good sportsmanship.

Grading- 5 points possible daily

1 point for being prepared for class. ** 

1 point for participating in class.

1 point for showing knowledge of the skill or game.

1 point for performing the skill correctly.

1 point for cooperation and effort. 

 **Students will need to have a separate pair of gym shoes that will stay at school.

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Contact Information

Mrs. Kari Hilton 
Central Intermediate

Grading Scale

Grades 5-6

100-90 A

89-80 B

79-70 C

69-60 D

59 and Below F

There is no homework or late work.


Think Spring!! I hope you all had a relaxing break spent with family and friends. We have some fun things planned for the second half of our school year!

K-1: In Kindergarten and First Grade we will be working skills involving striking(pillo polo, hockey, etc) as well as jumping rope, scooters, and scoops! They'll be excited to show you different activities. 

2-4: In 2-4th grades we are in the midst of volleyball. We will also start pillo polo, jump rope, stations, and dance in the future! 

5-6: In 5th and 6th grade we are in the middle of our volleyball unit. We are using balloons, trainer volleyballs, and regular volleyballs. The students are doing a fantastic job so far with it! Next we've got Pillo Polo, stations, and before long we'll be starting to practice for our Central School Track Meet!


If there are ever any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at Jefferson or Central. I can always be reached by email: [email protected] any time of the day.