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Ms. Bradish - Kindergarten

Welcome to Kindergarten

Contact Information:
Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction
 Illinois State University 1997
Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education
 Illinois State University 1991
Began teaching career in 1991


ABC End of the Year Countdown


It’s hard to believe that we’re reaching the end of kindergarten! On Thursday, April 28, we will begin to count down to the last day of school. Please follow the schedule below to see what we will be doing in class for each letter of the alphabet (continued on back). This will make the last few weeks of school even more fun and exciting! Some of the events will depend on the weather and some will require a little something from home (bubbles, sunglasses, etc). Let us know if you have any questions. As always, thank you for your continued support!



Thursday, April 28

A-Aloha Day! Wear your favorite Hawaiian outfit and sunglasses.

Friday, April 29

B-Bubble Day!  Bring your own bubbles!

Monday, May 2

C-Crazy Hair Day!  

Tuesday, May 3

D-Drink Day! Bring your favorite drink to school.

Wednesday, May 4

E-Experiment Day! We will do fun experiments together!

Thursday, May 5

F-Flip Flop Day! Wear your favorite flip flops!

Friday, May 6

G-Game Day! We will play games together as a class today.

Monday, May 9

H-Hat Day!

Tuesday, May 10

I-Instrument Day! We are making instruments.

Wednesday, May 11

J-Jammin Day! We will be jammin’ to music!

Thursday, May 12

K-Kindness Day!

Friday, May 13

L-Laugh a lot Day! Bring your favorite joke. 

Monday, May 16

M- Mismatch Day! Wear mismatched clothes.

Tuesday, May 17

N-Nature Hike Day!

Wednesday, May 18

O-Off To The Zoo!

Thursday, May 19

P-Pajama Day!

Friday, May 20.

Q-Quiet Reading-Bring your favorite stuffed animal (must fit in book bag)and book. 

Monday, May 23

R-Rainbow Day! Wear your favorite color of the rainbow today!

Tuesday, May 24

S-Sunglasses Day! Wear your sunglasses to school!

Wednesday, May 25

T-Wear your favorite T-shirt Day!

Thursday, May 26

U-USA Day! Wear Your Red, White, and Blue to school!

Friday, May 27

V-Video day!

Tuesday, May 31

W-Wiggle A Lot Day! 

Wednesday, June 1

X-eXtra Recess day!

Thursday, June 2

Y-Year end celebration!

Friday, June 3

Zero more days of school! Zip up your bookbag and Zoom into summer!