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Mr. Sanders - Visual Arts

Current Happenings

Current projects:
1st Grade--Snowman at Night 
2nd Grade--Van Gogh Cabin
3rd Grade--Tints and Shaded Ice cream
4th Grade--Warm Cool Weaving

Snow Days
Should we have a snow day we will be using the following apps to work on an Art Choice Board that will be posted on that day by 8am. Choice Board projects have to be completed and turned in that day.  Once school resumes we will then continue on with our normal in class projects.

The apps we will be working with the majority of the time include but are not limited to:
  • Google Classroom or Seesaw (for assignments)
  • TeacherEase (grades)
  • Chrome (access to the internet for projects)
  • Gmail (to email questions to the teacher)
  • Google Meets (Virtual meeting space for weekly question/answer sessions)
  • Youtube (to watch instructional videos)
To help give our students a variety of different projects to do from home you will need a few items most of which I bet you already have.  They can be new or old doesn't matter as long as they work. Most of these items are already part of the school supply list. I'm listing them here so you know what we will be using.
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • White Paper (computer paper works great)
  • 24 pk. Crayons (for Kindergarten 12 pk)
  • Scissors
  • Small Glue bottle (no glue stick)
  • Ruler
  • Watercolors (8 color)
  • Colored pencils 12pk
  • Wide tip Markers 12pk
  • (maybe something to store all of it in)
  • From time to time we may need to use items from around the house to trace things.  

Art Videos 
Mr. Sanders's YouTube channel

Check out how to "paint" with clothes.  No cutting required
What to know more about painting landscapes?  Watch these Bob Ross videos.
Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems
Art with Mati & Dada
Art Museums 
The Louvre in Paris, France 
The Guggenhem in New York, USA
The National Gallory of Art in Washington D.C., USA
The British Museum in London, England
Google Arts & Culture
Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago, USA

Smithsonian American Art Museum *suggested by GS Troop 30



Students at both McKinley Elementary and Central Intermediate will be taking a general visual arts class that will introduce to new materials and techniques. Students attend class once a week for 40 minutes. Completed art is displayed in the classrooms and throughout our buildings as well. All students also participate in our district's annual Fine Arts Festival held the first week of May. 


Our goal for art education is to expand students’ knowledge in the visual arts through lecture, presentation, and application. 

Here at OES we follow the Illinois state standards.

In art class we generally do not have homework unless a student has been absent and needs to complete the work, however, most projects cannot go home until completed due to the materials used.


Students are graded on one of two different grading scales. 

K-2nd grade are standards based 
Grades 3rd-6th are graded on A-F Percentage Scale
M - Meets Standard
D - Developing skills
N - Not Meeting Standard

A - 100-90%
B - 89-80%
C - 79-70% 
D - 69-60% 
F - 59% and below

Contact Info

Mr. Sanders
Central Intermediate/ McKinley Elementary 
Phone: (815) 434-0726 
or (815) 433-1907
Voicemail Extention: 


Rock Vally College
Associates Degree 
Northern Illinois University
Bachelor's in Arts Education 
Aurora University 
Master's in Educational Technology 
Teaching Experience: 
17 years 


Need help with if something your child is watching is appropriate for their age?
Where to buy 
Hobby Lobby
Michaels Craft Store